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Range of Louvre and Hatch AOVs (Automatic Opening Vent)

Pressure Vent & Compound Gas Extract Units

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Pressure Vent Kits

Flow² MPV Range of Multi Way Pressure Vents.

Smoke Fan Kits

For Our Range of Smoke Vent and Fan Kits Click Below.

Fire Curtains

2 Hour Fire Rated Fire Curtain Range.

World Leaders in Smoke and Pressure Control Systems 

Air Pressure Solutions

As a world leader in smoke control and pressure venting, we have over 30 years experience developing products and systems to many different markets globally.  Our enviable reputation and expertise has been gained from working with some of the largest fire companies around the world, allowing us an in depth understanding of the applications and standards our clients work with.

Key Markets Include

  • POWER GENERATION for our blast vents
  • HEALTHCARE air stability vents and air balancing dampers
  • FIRE INDUSTRY smoke control, pressure vents, leak detection, fire dampers
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY pressure vents, air stability, leak detection
  • EDUCATION smoke control

We offer free comprehensive consultations and can provide full system designs for all of our products. 

You can also buy all of our products via our online shop.

At Air Pressure Solutions we are constantly developing our products and services to meet the requirements of our clients applications and have recently launched our new Flow2 ultimate, all-in-one pressure vent for fire suppression agents. As supplied it is a 4 hours fire rated, Inert Gas Vent . By removing one screw it becomes a two way pressure vent for chemical clean agents like FM200 and Novec Gasses. All for an inert gas vent price.

Our product line up consists of the following Pressure, Blast & Air Stabilisation Vents, Smoke Control Products, Fire Dampers, Window Actuators, Leak Detection, Smoke Ventilation Products and Smoke Control Systems.

We can offer the complete package of design, supply, installation and commissioning of all the products and systems that we sell.

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