Smoke Control Products

Our product range can be purchased individually or as a packaged kit to provide simple solutions for all types of buildings. All products are certified or meet the requirements of Approved Document B and BS EN12101-2

Vent Packages contain:- AOV Vent, Control Panel, 2 x Call Points, 1 x Optical Smoke Detector and batteries.

  1. Roof Vents
    1. ThermalX Smoke Vents
    2. LSV Smoke Louvre Vent
  2. Smoke Shaft Vents
    1. SFD1.5 Smoke Shaft Damper
    2. SFD1.5 Smoke Shaft Damper
  3. Smoke Control Panels
    1. AP-03 Single Zone Control Panel
    2. AP-LOOP DRIVE Control Panel
  4. Ancillary-Items-for-AP-03-Smoke-Control-Products
    1. Fireman’s Override / Manual Call Point
    2. Conventional Optical Smoke Detector
    3. Rain Sensor
    4. Thermostat

Roof Vents

ThermalX Smoke Vent

ThermalX Smoke Vents

The ThermalX 1000 and 1500 unit is used for a stairwell and top of smoke shaft systems and is available in 1m² and 1.5m² sizes. (Other Bespoke sizes are available on request).

The new Ultra Thermal insulated smoke vent is an innovative environmentally advanced product. The thermal performance exceeding the current requirements (U=0.8 V/m2K) with no thermal bridging. This provides your building with unparalleled insulation.

LSV Smoke Louvre Vent

LSV Smoke Louvre Vent

The LSV louvered vents forms part of the natural smoke exhaust system, with the principal purpose of removing smoke and hot fire gases from buildings.

Louvered vents produced by APS are available in wide range of dimensions, control systems and making options. The LSV louvered vents conform to and are certified to BS-EN 12101-2.

Smoke Shaft Vents

SFD1.5 Smoke Shaft Damper

SFD1.5 Smoke Shaft Damper

SFD-1 and 1.5 new smoke shaft fire rated damper unit.

This fire damper smoke shaft vent is supplied with a 2 hour fire rating and conforms to BS EN12101. The system uses a spring return Belimo actuator rated at 24 VDC.

The SFD units are simple to install and provide a safe operation as they use opposed blade technology that prevents large openings into the shaft or the requirement for safety grilles.

The unit is supplied in matt black finish with a white (special colours are available on request) fascia grille for aesthetic purposes.

SDD1.5 Smoke Shaft Damper

SDD1.5 Smoke Shaft Damper

SDD-1 and 1.5 new smoke shaft fire rated damper unit.

This smoke shaft door vent is supplied with a 2 hour fire rating and conforms to BS EN12101. The system uses an externally incorporated chain actuator operating with reverse polarity and rated at 24 VDC. Access is via a cover plate.

The SDD units are simple to install and provide a safe operation as they hinge from the bottom and open into the shaft. This prevents any risk to personnel or the case of safety grilles or floor grilles within the shaft.

The unit is supplied in RAL9016 semi gloss finish and special colours are available.

Smoke Control Panels


AP-03 Single Zone Control Panel

The AP-03/ 05/ 10 are single zone smoke control panels for operating smoke vents (AOVs) systems. They are suitable for a single stairwell system or single zone areas that require smoke ventilation under Approved Document B.

Supplied in 3, 5 and 10 amp versions this simple to use and install control panel allows the connection of Optical Smoke Detectors, Orange—Manual Call Points, Links to building Fire Alarm Systems or to provide a fully compliant smoke control system as a stand alone system. CE marked and BS EN12101 compliant system.

Lead time 2 to 4 working days


AP-LOOP DRIVE Control Panel

The pinnacle of control and integration, the AP-Loop Drive control panel is a loop driven intelligent controller for controlling large and complex smoke control system at a competitive cost.

Using a 4 core loop system it can provide a fully functional control system to Pressurises, De-Pressurised and multi zone AOV and smoke shaft systems.

Certified to EN54 and CE marked, Compliant to BS EN12101.

Ancillary Items for AP-03 Smoke Control Products

Fireman’s Override / Manual Call Point

For manual activation of a smoke control system. These units are required in all smoke control systems.

Connected via a 2 core fire rated cable to the AP range of control panels. Conforms to BS EN12101

Conventional Optical Smoke Detector.

For smoke activation of the system. This detector conforms to BS EN12101, BS 5839. For use at the top of stairwells, lift lobbies and other areas that require the smoke control system to automatically operate on detection of smoke.

Rain Sensor

For use with systems that are to be used for general ventilation. In non fire mode a system can also be used to cool stairwells and lift lobbies. When in ventilation mode and an AOV is open, if it rains the AOV will need to close automatically. This achieved by connecting a rain sensor to the controller.


This thermostat is used to trigger the system for general ventilation. The thermostat is linked to the controller and when the area temperature reaches a set level the AOV will open to ventilate the area. Should be used with a rain sensor.