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Air Pressure Solutions

Operating a turnkey system where APS will implement and monitor your design to the exact standards, both legal and aesthetic which are required. We ensure that your system is 100% perfect in fitting and performance so that the protection of  your staff and premises is guaranteed.

At all stages of installation we perform a thorough disruption survey and install tenting and dust extraction systems so that any dust generated is kept under control for later disposal. These measures keep business disruption to the absolute minimum.

Cable and wiring management is a serious issue in many businesses, and good cable management is vital in ensuring that repairs and relocation of equipment can be carried out swiftly and with the minimum of fuss, saving your business valuable time and money.  Our engineers are trained in all the current installation techniques and legislation regarding electrical installations.  We never take a shortcut and each item supplied by us is the best in its class so that you will be guaranteed reliability and safety with the minimum of servicing.

We are able to offer the complete Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning package or any element of this package that our clients require.

Initial Survey

From the initial survey to the production of the agreed design specification our designers will work with you ensuring that every stage meets or exceeds current legislation and that all maintenance can be carried out with the minimum of disruption.

We adhere to all building regulations and  follow our plans thoroughly so that each installation is completed on time, on specification and within the agreed budget. The final design is only released to you after extensive checks and  tests.  Any variation to proposed plans will only be implemented with the prior approval of you the client.

Pressure Vent Installation

Operating a turnkey system where APS will implement and monitor your design to the exact standards, both legal and aesthetic which are required.  We ensure that your system is 100% perfect both in fitting and performance so that protection of your staff and premises is guaranteed

Testing & Commissioning

Air Pressure Solutions have years of experience in championing the need for pressure vents to be third party tested to prove that they carry out the task they are designed to do. Following discussions with LPCB, BRE  and VDS regarding  approvals for vents that there were no international standards in place to  test pressure vents. AP Solutions then decided to develop a testing format. 

This consisted of 2 parts:

 PART 1 – Testing with Retrotec Integrity Test  Fan Kit in a live test  enclosure.  This was to set parameters on being able to verify that an installed pressure vent can open at the designed  pressure and can be fully opened without  manual intervention.

 PART 2  Live IG55 and FM200 discharge tests. These were carried out to test and verify that the pressure vents provided the correct free vent area (FVA) and  to determine the back pressure created by the pressure vent. This was to ensure that the units tested provided the FVA claimed and they also   vented the risk and  kept the risk pressure within the limits set by the VDS  software calculation programme.

Recent Installations