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What makes Air Pressure Solutions stand out from the crowd?

About Us

  1. Customer Service
  2. Technical Ability
  3. UK Design & Manufacture

As a family run business our main focus is to provide our clients with impeccable customer service, expert advice and support.  We have over 30 years of experience of fire protection from Gas Suppression to Smoke Control and everything in between. This gives us the unique ability to look at an issue and provide a fully integrated solution.  As most of our clients are fire protection specialists, we can help them to seamlessly integrate our products into their systems in a very cost-effective manner which helps them win business.

Our in-house ability to design new products for specialist application as well as designing them into a complete solution is our goal and we have been doing this with our customers and partners around the world for many years.

As the Senior Technical Officer with 30 years of fire protection experience in areas such as Fire Suppression, Detection, Sprinklers, Watermist, Voice Alarm, Air Sampling, Video Smoke Detection and many other areas within the fire industry,  I have developed our products from the inside out. I have looked at the application and the system used to protect many applications and developed the product into the total solutions our clients use.

All our products have been designed to be simple to install and interface with our customers systems.

All design work and manufacture are carried out in the UK. Our products are used worldwide and in application from data centres to nuclear submarines and power stations, from apartment blocks to Palaces, from Olympic stadiums to the Channel Tunnel, so far, there has been no limitation on the development of products and systems in any of the applications we have been asked to help with.

We are market leaders with the ability to create unique bespoke products and solutions to meet our customer’s needs. The distinct advantage we have of calculating blast vent sizes, Pressure vent sizes and cascade venting paths as well as smoke control system design, be it Pressurised or Depressurised systems, allows us to provide a unique personal touch and added value to all our customers.

Paul Coxon – Managing Director