Large Chain Actuator—AP-LCD Range

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  • 24DC and 230 volt options
  • 200 to 900 stroke available
  • Standard brackets included
  • Conforms to BS EN12101
  • Aluminium Construction
  • 30,000 operation Guaranty
  • Simple to Install
  • Fast Delivery on Standard Sizes
Large Chain Actuator

Large Chain Actuator—AP-LCD Range

  • DC24V safe voltage
  • Push/Pull Force 400N
  • Simple but delicacy design, low noise operation
  • Sandblasted oxidative surface treatment
  • 3 colours optional, other colors can be customized
  • Double link chain working more stably and smoothly
  • Electric overload cutoff
  • Endurance tests (30,000 cycles) are carried out

Ordering CodeWorking Volt (V)Max. Current (A)Stroke (MM)Force (N)Speed (MM/S)IP ClassColorDimension (MM)
CL-LCD30024 VOLT DC1.5300400832Silver51x40x410
CL-LCD40024 VOLT DC 1.5400400832Silver51x40x460
CL-LCD50024 VOLT DC1.5500400832Silver51x40x510
CL-LCD60024 VOLT DC 1.5600400832Silver51x40x560
CL-LCD70024 VOLT DC 1.5700400832Silver51x40x610
CL-LCD80024 VOLT DC 1.5800400832Silver51x40x660
CL-LCD90024 VOLT DC 1.5900400832Silver51x40x710


  • Conforms to EN12101
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 30,000 operation Guaranty
  • Simple to Install
  • Conforms to SCA guidance
  • Fast Delivery on standard sizes

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CL-LCD300, CL-LCD400, CL-LCD500, CL-LCD600, CL-LCD700, CL-LCD800, CL-LCD900