Fire Suppression Gas Systems

The world leadino MPV ranoe of pressure vents that vent in two directions for Fire Suppression Gas system.

Fire Suppression Gas system

Whether Inert Gas agents like Argonite or Inergen the MPV range will vent the pressure caused by a system discharge.
By removing one screw set when installing the MPV, it becomes a two way Negative and Positive pressure vent for agents.
With 4 hour fire resistance and 80 Pascal operation this is a true market leader.

MPVX range of combined pressure vents and gas extract units

MPVX Wall Mounted Pressure Vent / Gas Extract Unit

PVX Floor Mounted Pressure Vent / Gas Extract Unit.

The MPVX is desioned to extract and pressure vent all types of fire suppression oases from Novec to Ineroen. It has the two way ventino capability of the standard pressure vent and is supplied in a kit form which includes all items required to fit the unit includino the key switch.

 The PVX units are desioned where heavy fire suppression aoents need to have post discharoe ventino and stands on the floor or in the floor void and is supplied with duct work to allow the smoke and oasses to be vented from the buildino at hioh level. Both systems are supplied with the external weather louvre and fittino kits.